Sunday, 17 May 2009

Some of my work!!

My first ever dressmaking project. I made this skirt last year, I started it the year before but forgot about it. When I tryed it on last year i didn't fit!! I had to add a section on to the bottom and also turn it into a high waisted skirt! I love it and I wear it all the time!

This is a clutch bag I made based on a pattern by Amy Karol in her amazing book, bend-the-rules sewing. I used this as my pencil case for school for a while until i realised it was to small to fit a ruler in!!

This is a pencil case I made today!! My grandma's friend gave me most of the patterned fabric and I especially like the blue and green pattern. Im very proud of it and it came out fantastically!!!

This is a clutch I made for a GSCE project. Its knitted with 100% wool on 9mm needles and then felted. the felting took along time, my arms ached by the end of it. For this project I got A*.


hey all,
im a 15 year old girl who has a strange intrest in textiles.
Im doing a textiles GCSE and love it!!
Im inspired by Luella, topshop unique and anything from the 60's! Anything quirky or odd will do!!

Hope you love it :D